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History Classics: American Adventurers DVD
History Classics: American Adventurers

History Classics: American Adventurers

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They are some of Americas most famous folk heroes, men and women of legend who challenged, made and changed history. Reacquaint yourself with the pioneers, politicians, icons and rebels who helped shape our nation in this fascinating collection ofdocumentaries from HISTORY. From the remarkable life of Davy Crockett, who went from uneducated backwoodsman to celebrity frontiersman, to the dramatic story of Amelia Earhart, the revolutionary aviator whose baffling disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries of all time, to one of the countrys most infamous outlaws, Jesse James, American Adventurers details the lives and legends of monumental characters remembered for their rugged individualism and undeniable impact on history. Other figurescovered in this set include Lewis and Clark; Andrew Jackson; Daniel Boone; Wild Bill Hickok; Calamity Jane; Annie Oakley; and Charles Lindbergh. AMERICAN ADVENTURERS includes 11 documentaries on 5 DVDs: Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the New Frontier: Andrew Jackson: A Man For The People Daniel Boone: Davy Crockett: American Frontier Legend: Wild Bill Hickok: Gentleman of the Old West: Calamity Jane: Annie Oakley: The Plot to Kill Jesse James: The James Gang: Outlaw Brothers: Amelia Earhart: Lucky: The Story of Charles Lindbergh: DISC 1: Lewis & Clark: Explorers of the New Frontier / BIOGRAPHY: Andrew Jackson: A Man For the People DISC 2: BIOGRAPHY: Daniel Boone / BIOGRAPHY: Davy Crockett: American Frontier Legend DISC 3: BIOGRAPHY: Wild Bill Hickock: Gentleman of the Old West / BIOGRAPHY: Calamity Jane / BIOGRAPHY: Annie Oakley DISC 4: The Plo
Title: History Classics: American Adventurers
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary, Box Sets
Studio: A&E Home Video
Release Date: 12/21/2010
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 733961236750
Item #: ANE036750

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