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Bring Home the Classics


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Horror Classics 16 DVD
Horror Classics 16

Horror Classics 16

List Price: $8.99
Price: $5.95
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BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLAAKA The Boys from BrooklynIn this campy, sci-fi adventure, Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo, a pair of Martin and Lewis-like comedians, parachute into the jungles of Kola-Kola island, where they meet primitive natives, the island chief, his beautiful daughter Princess Nona (Charlita), and the evil Dr. Zabor (Bela Lugosi), a sinister scientist who has it out for them.REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIESThe setting is Cambodia in the years following the First World War.Malevolent Count Mazovia (Roy D'Arcy) has gotten his vile hands on documents containing a formula to bring dead men back to life as walking zombies. Armed with this knowledge, Mazovia creates a slave race to do his bidding. In the hopes of stopping him, an international expedition is set into motion; but unfortunately, one of the team members has his own agenda, plotting to steal the zombie-making secrets to form his own army of walking dead. He is successful but is in for the most terrifying ordeal of his life when the zombies begin to do the unexpected: turn against their mastersTHE SCREAMING SKULLEric (John Hudson) and Jenni (Peggy Webber) Whitlock, a newly married couple, move into the house of Eric's late first wifean eerie place designed to preserve the dead woman's memory. Soon after the couple moves in, peculiar events begin to occur, and Jenni begins to think she is going out of her mind. Behind the menacing mischief is Jenni's husband, who hopes to drive her into madness so he cantake control of her sizable family fortune. The police suspect everyone but the smiling, sinister husband, and it begins to look like Eric will be successful in pushing his poor, innocent wife over the brink of insanity.BLOODY PIT OF HORRORAn
Title: Horror Classics 16
Genre: Horror
Starring: Bela Lugosi, John Hudson, Dorothy Stone, Peggy Webber, Duke Mitchell, Sammy Petrillo, Russ Conway, Charlita, Toni Johnson, Muriel Landers
Director: Victor Halperin
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 8/23/2005
Product Type: DVD
Rated: PG13
UPC: 096009285593
Item #: MTI028559

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