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Inside Metal: Rise of L.a Thrash Metal DVD
Inside Metal: Rise of L.a Thrash Metal

Inside Metal: Rise of L.a Thrash Metal

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Throughout history, the San Francisco Bay Area has long been named as the epicenter for Thrash Metal; whereas Los Angeles is invariably considered the Hair-Metal capitol. True, San Francisco has birthed many exceptional thrash bands since the early '80s, but the fact is LA is the birthplace of three out of the "Big 4" thrash bands as well as the breeding grounds for many of the more unconventional speed/thrash/ punk-metal bands. Whether it'd be the legendary icons METALLICA, SLAYER, and MEGADETH, or punk/metal renegades SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, or underground thrash legends DARK ANGEL and HIRAX, like it or not, they all originated from this pretentious, megalopolis, hellhole we call Los Angeles! So why is it that LA thrash metal has taken a backseat to the NorCal Bay Area? This is one of many issues that will be revealed in this compelling 2-Volume documentary presented by MetalRock Films. This third installment of the groundbreaking INSIDE METAL series takes the viewer on a journey into the evolution of Thrash Metal... or "speed metal" as it was originally labeled. Appropriately titled "The Rise of LA Thrash Metal" explores the '80s metal counterculture with first-hand insight from the bands and artists that ruled the LA Metal underground as well as journalists, scenesters, and insiders from a time in history when metal music was becoming more and more creative, experiential, uncompromising and extreme. A time when Thrash Metal was thriving in LA! Featuring exclusive, never-before seen, interviews with Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Rocky George, Eric Peterson, David Ellefson and tons more.
Title: Inside Metal: Rise of L.a Thrash Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Theme: Harder Music
Studio: Metalrock
Release Date: 1/19/2018
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 191091471739
Item #: 1956513X

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