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Invasion of the Reptoids / Zombie on the Loose DVD
Invasion of the Reptoids /  Zombie on the Loose

Invasion of the Reptoids / Zombie on the Loose

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Invasion of the Reptoids (2011, B&W): An alien invader crash lands in a rural community and proceeds to wreak havoc across the countryside. The creature murders a teenager, but his girlfriend's improbable account of a flying saucer invasion fails to cnce the local sheriff, who conducts his own investigation and confronts a horror beyond human comprehension. Conrad Brooks, who attained cult status as a result of his roles in such Edward D. Wood Jr. films as Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outer Space, has a juicy supporting role in this low budget homage to 1950s drive-in horror. Also appearing are genre favorites George Stover (The Galaxy Invader, and The Death of Poe) and the inimitable John Link (Ironbound Vampire). Written and Directed by Ted Moehring.Zombie on the Loose (2010, Color): After posing as the proprietor of a funeral home, the ageless vampire Count Lugo finally meets his end at the hands of Max the Zombie. A private detective investigates the bizarre crime and learns that Lugo'sassistant, Lucy Black, has just escaped from a mental institution. With the help of Soko the voodoo princess and the mad Dr. Fregosi she hopes to revive Lugo. But Max, who is under Fregosi's control, rebels when he learns that his arch-nemesis will prowlonce more. Starring Conrad Brooks, Nathan Rosen, Judy Durham; directed by Conrad Brooks.
Title: Invasion of the Reptoids / Zombie on the Loose
Genre: Horror
Starring: George Stover, John Link, Judy Durham, Conrad Brooks
Directors: Conrad Brooks, Ted Moehring
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 6/26/2012
Original Year: 2011
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218107190
Item #: 352390X

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