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Iron Angel / Then There Were Three DVD
Iron Angel /  Then There Were Three

Iron Angel / Then There Were Three

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Iron Angel (1964, B&W): During the bloody Korean conflict, Sgt. Walsh leads a squad of GI's on a mission to destroy an enemy gun emplacement. As the men approach the heavily defended mountain position, they discover a shot-up Red Cross ambulance - Then Angel - and an injured nurse. Walsh is unhappy with the woman's presence on the battlefield, but he reluctantly agrees to bring her - and the ambulance - along. It's a decision that will mean the difference between life and death when they reach their final objective.Actor Jim Davis, best known for his role as Jock Ewing on the hit TV series, "Dallas," stars as Sgt. Walsh in this taut war drama. Don "Red" Barry, who plays squad troublemaker Reb, was the star of the popular 1940 Republic Picturesserial, The Adventures of Red Ryder.Starring Jim Davis, Don "Red" Barry; Written and Directed by Ken Kennedy.Then There Were Three(1961, B&W): A rag-tag platoon of American infantrymen fight their way though Nazi-occupied Italy during World War II, unaware that one of their group is actually a German officer in disguise. The imposter is on a secret mission to assassinate a notorious resistance fighter. As he nears his objective, the men in the squad are murdered, one by one, until finallyonly a few men remain. The awareness that one of their squad members is an enemy agent brings tensions and suspicions to a boil.Alex Nicol directed Then There Were Three and plays platoon member Sam McLease. Nicol also directed the cult horror classic, The Screaming Skull in 1958, as well as the 1976 monster-vs-Korea movie, Ape.Starring Alex Nicol, Frederick R. Clark ; Directed by Alex Nicol.
Title: Iron Angel / Then There Were Three
Genre: Drama
Starring: Jim Davis, Frank Latimore, Alex Nicol, Margo Woode, Donald Barry, Barry Cahill, Sidney Clute, R. Wayland Williams, Frank Gregory, Brendan Fitzgerald
Directors: Alex Nicol, Ken Kennedy
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 11/25/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218570598
Item #: ALP857059

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