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The Joyless Street DVD
The Joyless Street

The Joyless Street

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In the post-WW1 in Vienna, a group of millionaires decide to manipulate the stock market with rumors to make it fall in the first moment and raise when people discover the truth. The ambitious Egon Stirner loves Regina Rosenow, who is the daughter of a wealthy man and she does not believe in his feelings. Egon has a love affair with Lia Leid, who is the wife of the wealthy Dr. Leid, and he asks if she may borrow some money to him to invest in the stock market. Meanwhile the secretary Marie has an unrequited love for Egon and decides to ask for a loan to Mrs. Greifer, who is the owner of a brothel in the poor Melchior Street, to give to Egon. The wealthy Don Alfonso Canez offers the amount to Marie and she goes to a room with him. When Lia is mysteriously murdered in a room in the same hotel, Marie falsely accuses Egon of killing her to Canez. Meanwhile, the bureaucrat Hofrat Rumfort is not aware of the manipulation of the market and believes that is rich with the fall of the stocks and he spends a great amount. His daughter Greta loses her job and they are forced to rent a room in their apartment to the Red Cross Lieutenant Davis that pays a large amount to her. However she is forced use the money to pay the debts of her father. The only way to make money to feed the family is prostitution in Mrs. Greifer's brothel. What will be the fate of Greta?
Title: The Joyless Street
Genre: Drama
Starring: Greta Garbo, Werner Krauss, Ilka Gruning
Studio: Mr Fat - w Video
Release Date: 2/5/2019
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 191091435410
Item #: 2145940X

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