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Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Pregnancy Prenatal Postnatal Workout DVD
Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Pregnancy Prenatal Postnatal Workout

Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Pregnancy Prenatal Postnatal Workout

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Welcome to my Timeless Collection! I hope you'll enjoy these DVDs containing my favorite and most memorable workouts from the past. What was great then is still great today and I think you'll agree that a great workout is, indeed, TIMELESS! Congratulations! Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life. It's also a physically challenging event that's certainly worth training for! With my Pregnancy Workout, I'll show you how to safely improve your strength and stamina to better prepare your body for the demands of labor and delivery. Learn to strengthen the muscles in your arms, legs, hips and of course, the muscles that run deep in your abdominals. This easy-to-follow program will also help ease low back pain, reduce stress and improve your mood. Kathy Smith INTRODUCTION - Get valuable knowledge with this in-depth Q & a segment with childbirth experts Raul Artal, M.D., Paula Bernstein, Ph.D. and Gary London, M.D. Credible information and reassuring insight will help set your mind at ease! PRENATAL WORKOUT - Fitness for two! An energizing warm-up will prepare your body for a comfortable low-impact cardio workout that can be performed throughout your entire pregnancy. Toning segments will safely strengthen your arms, legs and core (abs and back). Wrap it up with a special active-relaxation section to cool down and relax. Pregnancy never felt so good! POSTNATAL EXERCISES - New mom, new body! Kathy's New Mom Body-Blasters will help you get moving again post-partum. This routine is designed to progress you through the first six weeks after delivery. Pump up your energy, get back in shape and learn easy stretches you can do with your new workout buddy!
Title: Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Pregnancy Prenatal Postnatal Workout
Genre: Health & Fitness-Pregnancy
Starring: Raul Artal, Paula Bernstein, Gary London, Kathy Smith
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 4/23/2013
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 874482004289
Item #: 539520X

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