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Little Moon & Jud McGraw / Against a Crooked Sky DVD
Little Moon & Jud McGraw /  Against a Crooked Sky

Little Moon & Jud McGraw / Against a Crooked Sky

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Little Moon & Jud McGraw (1975): Convict Jud McGraw leaves prison with just one thought on his mind - vengeance! He's out to settle an old score with gang leader Mimmo and his army of thugs who are hiding out in a ratty little mountain town. He startsminating Mimmo's men one at a time, but as they get wise to his plans, McGraw must shift tactics. High in the cliffs surrounding the town, he builds catapults to rain terror down on the heads of his enemies. He's joined by Little Moon, an Indian squaw with her own reasons to hate the gang, in a final fiery assault on Mimmo's mountain lair.Starring James Caan, Sammy Davis, Jr., Stefanie Powers, Aldo Ray; Directed by Bernard Girard.Against a Crooked Sky (1975): A band of mysterious Indians kidnaps Johnny Sutter's older sister, Molly, while their parents are away from the homestead. After his father fails to locate the girl, Johnny sets out on his own to track her down. He's helped along the way by a grizzled old prospector who reluctantly guides the boy into forbidden Indian territory. When they finally locate Molly, they learn that she is pregnant with the tribal chief's child, but Johnny is nonetheless offered an opportunity to barter for her release by offering his own life in exchange.R&Starring Richard Boone; Directed by Earl Bellamy.
Title: Little Moon & Jud McGraw / Against a Crooked Sky
Genre: Westerns
Theme: Rat Pack
Starring: Sammy Davis Jr., James Caan, Stefanie Powers, Richard Boone
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Original Year: 1975
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218563897
Item #: ALP856389

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