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Looney Tunes Super Stars 3-Pack DVD
Looney Tunes Super Stars 3-Pack

Looney Tunes Super Stars 3-Pack

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Bugs Bunny Hare ExtraordinaireHare they are - the smart aleck rabbit's cartons you've probably never seen, because they've never ever been on DVD. Nothing but the 24-carrot good stuff, too: 15 shorts from the era when hunkered-down animation geniuses at good ol' Termite Terrace scribbled and drew with unabated Looneytic glee. Join the fun as the rascally one's pursuit of carrots and laughs puts him on the menu (Bedevilled Rabbit), on the make (Hare Trimmed), on deck (Mutiny on the Bunny), on the lam (Foxy by Proxy) and on 11 more hare-brained adventures. There are no odds or oddballs this funny bunny cant overcome. Exactly what you'd expect from a super star.Foghorn Leghorn & Friends"You're in luck, fans - I say you're inluck - luckier even than when I drew a fifth ace! Foghorn Leghorn, that ever-courtly barnyard banterer, has something to crow about when these 15 remastered and 14 never-before-on DVD cartoons. The rooster's roster includes 9 Foghorn Leghorn shorts ranging from Foggy vs. Doggy (All Fowled Up) to educatin' Egghead Jr. (Little Boy Boo) to hepcat beatnik jive (Banty Raids). Six more treasures from the vault keep the good times rolling, including befuddled Elmer Fudd's celebration of his bwave, hewoic dog (AMutt in a Rutt) and Goofy Gophers dog-daze antics (Gopher Broke). Don't wait - gopher it. That's almost a joke, son!RoadRunner/Wile E CoyoteCreated by legendary animator Chuck Jones, the series had a simple premise: The coyote, who wasvery hungry, tried to catch the Road Runner, who was very fast. Wile E. would try anything to catch his prey, utilizing a wide variety of products from the Acme Company (rocket skates, giant magnets, foot springs, etc.) Regardless of the scheme, it would
Title: Looney Tunes Super Stars 3-Pack
Genre: Animation
Theme: Looney Tunes
Director: Jack Hill
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 3
Attributes: Repackaged, 3 Pack
Release Date: 10/14/2014
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 883929409457
Item #: 1332723X

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