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Love That Bob 3 DVD
Love That Bob 3

Love That Bob 3

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"Love That Bob" (originally titled "The Bob Cummings Show") is a side-splitting comedy that was nominated for six Emmy awards and earned Ann B. Davis two Emmys for her performances. Many celebrities of the day, from George Burns to Joi Lansing, appeared on this highly entertaining show that depicted the sexual mores of the 1950s. Bob Cummings, star of radio, TV and film, plays philandering photographer Bob Collins, a suave playboy who charms his way through a bevy of beauties, while his loyal plain-jane secretary Shultzy (Ann B. Davis) and wacky bean-pole Pamela (Nancy Kulp) both try to seduce him! Disapproving sister Margaret (Rosemary De Camp) and hormone-driven teenaged nephew Chuck (Dwayne Hickman) add to the zany fun that sends the whole gang reelingfrom one wildly risque romp to the next!BOB'S FORGOTTEN FIANCE: Margaret decides to teach her womanizing brother a lesson with a visitor from his past - whom he can't recall.BOB GOES TO THE MOON: In an attempt to gain Swedish beauty Ingrid'saffection, Bob offers to test pilot a rocket to the moon.BOB AND SCHULTZY REUNITE: A ditzy waitress replaces Shultzy after she leaves to take a new job - and Bob has to fight to win her back.BOB RETRENCHES: The whole gang is put on a budget after Bob checks his expenses.GRANDPA'S OLD BUDDY: Grandpa and his old war buddy take a couple of hot models to Palm Springs - while Bob is headed for hot water!
Title: Love That Bob 3
Genre: TV Comedy
Theme: Teen Idols
Starring: Rosemary de Camp, Lyle Talbot, Joi Lansing, Dwayne Hickman, Robert Cummings, Ann B. Davis
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Original Year: 1955
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218499493
Item #: ALP849949

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