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MacIste Against Hercules & MacIste in King Solomon DVD
MacIste Against Hercules & MacIste in King Solomon

MacIste Against Hercules & MacIste in King Solomon

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Maciste In King Solomon's Mines (1964): Mythic strongman Maciste is summoned to the lost jungle city of Zimba, which sits atop the fabled gold mines of King Solomon. Sadistic warrior-queen Fazira, who lusts after their fabulous untapped treasures, has conquered the Zimbans. Enslaved and forced to work to their deaths in the mines, Maciste is their only hope. When he arrives to rescue them, he is captured and put under a zombie-like spell by the evil queen. As the hero toils underground with the other slaves, Fazira prepares a gruesome execution of the last surviving Zimban princess.Starring Reg Park, Wandisa Guida, Bruno Piergentili; Directed by Piero Regnoli.Maciste Against Hercules in the Vale of Woe (1961): Maciste battles Hercules in the wildest wrestling match of the ages! Hercules has just returned to Mycenae after slaying the giant man- eating Cyclops, one of the Ten Labors tasked to him by the evil King Eurystheus. Maciste has also just arrived, after awakening from a deep hypnotic spell cast by the wicked sorceress, Circe. The epic bout between the strongmen is the brainchild of a pair of time- travelers from the 20th Century, who hope to use the fight as a diversion as they retrieve their impounded time-machine and get back to the future.Starring Kirk Morris, Frank Gordon, Liana Orfei; Directed by Mario Mattoli.
Title: MacIste Against Hercules & MacIste in King Solomon
Genre: Action / Adventure
Starring: Wandisa Guida, Reg Park, Kirk Morris, Frank Gordon
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Colorized
Release Date: 2/26/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218554499
Item #: ALP855449

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