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Meet Corliss Archer DVD
Meet Corliss Archer

Meet Corliss Archer

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Pretty teenager Corliss Archer (Ann Baker), her lovable but clumsy boyfriend, Dexter Franklin (Bobby Ellis), and her unwitting parents, Harry and Janet Archer (John Eldredge and Mary Brian) get into one hysterical situation after another in four hilariousepisodes of the popular TV comedy series. "Meet Corliss Archer" was inspired by the 1949 British film, A Kiss for Corliss (aka Almost A Bride), with the teenaged Shirley Temple playing the lead.Episode 1 - A Date For Doris: The Archers ask Dexter tofind Corliss's homely friend Doris a date for a party. Scouring the far reaches of his neighborhood for prospects, Dexter gets stuck as an unwilling escort after his repeated efforts fail.Episode 2 - Corliss The Cheerleader: Dexter gets dubious romantic advice from Harry when Corliss is wooed by a rival who is coaching her to be a cheerleader. After feeble strategies to get her back don't work, Dexter decides to try a more manly approach.Episode 3 - The Vase That Came For Dinner: Janet buys a supposedly rare and definitely ugly antique vase, and the purchase stirs up trouble for the Archers and their neighbors. The series of sidesplitting mishaps leads Dexter to believe that everyone around him has gone crazy.Episode 4 - Friends Forever: The Franklins and Wilsons suddenly bow out of the Archer's weekly game of darts, and secret plans to throw a surprise party for Harry start to go awry. Janet and Corliss walk in on both families and jump to the conclusion that their friends are snubbing them. Dexter consoles Corliss by telling her the truth, but the admission only triggers more wild mishaps.
Title: Meet Corliss Archer
Genre: Comedy Video
Starring: Hy Averback, John Eldredge, Ann Baker, Robert Ellis, Mary Brian
Directors: Leon Benson, Eddie Davis
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 12/21/2004
Original Year: 1954
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 089218460790
Item #: ALP004607

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