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Perfect Martial Arts Workout DVD
Perfect Martial Arts Workout

Perfect Martial Arts Workout

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The Perfect Martial Arts Workout with Michael Nevermind is a series of exercises that have their lineage from the martial arts system created by Chojun Miyagi called Goju Ryu Kara-te. The workout that is performed on this DVD has not deviated from it's original creation many decades ago. Although originally designed for martial purposes, their very movements can help promote a stronger body and mind. The exercises will strengthen the participant's balance and coordination, along with one's focus and discipline. Most of all, the Perfect Martial Arts Workout is a series of time-tested exercises that are fun and can be performed everyday. In addition to his study in various styles of the martial arts (Tibetan White Crane, Hung-Gar, Eagle Claw and Wu Shu), Michael Nevermind has a passion for philosophy and the connections and transformation of the body, the mind and it's emotions through broken rhythms. He has worked on world tours and music videos with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Prince, Chayanne, and many others. He was featured in the original company of the Cy Coleman Broadway musical, the Life, and was seen as Jia Kenmein on the HBO Drama series "OZ". He was also featured with Kevin Costner in the Peter Buffet TV special and musical tour of "Spirit," a collaboration with the Native American Indians of the Oneida Nation. Rogue HK, his new cardio martial arts program from Hong Kong where you "train as if you're preparing for a fight scene in a movie," is currently being taught at fitness companies and shared with fitness enthusiasts world-wide.
Title: Perfect Martial Arts Workout
Genre: Health & Fitness
Starring: Michael Nevermind
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 2/19/2013
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 874482003510
Item #: 490758X

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