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Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout DVD
Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout

Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout

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Internet fitness sensation Mike Chang has helped millions of people around the world to get into top-notch shape with his signature fitness system, Six Pack Shortcuts. For the first time available on DVD is the Full Body Workout designed and performed byMike Chang to give you a shortcut to total body transformation. Mike's dynamic, body-blasting system obliterates fat and sculpts a mean midsection with four core-focused workouts that repeat a tailored series of quick, calorieburning exercises designed tochisel the entire body. WORKOUT BREAKDOWN Warm-Up: Get your blood flowing with this mini workout of active stretches and exercises that warm up joints and fire up muscles for a fun, flab-blasting workout. Cardio: Max your calorie-crushing potential withhigh-octane exercises like burpees, high-knees, soccer kicks and crunches to shed pounds, get fit and sculpt ripped abs. Lower Body: Tighten and tone your legs, glutes and abs with core-centered circuits that are packed with a variety of Mike's signatur esquats and rear-shaping snow angels. Upper Body: Chisel your chest and core while shaping killer arms and shoulders with a body-blasting mix of personalized push-ups and incredible back-sculpting moves. Core: Get ripped with power reps of core-shreddingab exercises like planks and jack knives that lift, crunch and twist your body for a mind-blowing, midsection meltdown. Cooldown: Lower your heart rate and release tension from your fatigued muscles with key stretches essential to preventing injury and improving flexibility.
Title: Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout
Genre: Health & Fitness
Director: Cal Pozo
Studio: Lions Gate
Attributes: Widescreen, Dolby
Release Date: 12/3/2013
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 031398180265
Item #: 873027X

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