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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics: 4 Feature Films DVD
Mystery Classics: 4 Feature Films

Mystery Classics: 4 Feature Films

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Price: $5.95
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A Shriek in the Night

Ginger Rogers and Lyle Talbot star in this riveting psychological thriller revolving around the non-accidental death of a wealthy philanthropist. Only a final shriek in the night is heard when the victim plummets from his penthouse balcony the night of the murder. Nearly everyone in the apartment building falls under suspicion, but when three more murders occur, the police are all but baffled. Hoping to outdo one another, rival reporters Pat Morgan (Ginger Rogers) and Ted Rand (Lyle Talbot) begin to do independent investigations of their own—each with the desire of blowing the case wide open. But time is ticking, and if they don't solve this whodunit quickly, someone else may fall victim to the shadowy killer whose calling card is a letter threatening, "YOU WILL GET IT!".

Scream in the Night

Universal Picture's horror sensation Lon Chaney Jr. stars as Detective Jack Wilson who, with his partner Wu Ting (Philip Ahn), is on the trail of Johnny Fly (Manuel Lopez), an infamous jewel thief. The pair of sleuths winds up in Singapore, where Fly has made off with lovely Edith Bentley's (Sheila Terry) precious ruby. Hot on the thief's trail, Wu Ting is unexpectedly slain by Fly's deformed henchman Butch Curtain (also Chaney), and Edith is kidnapped. Now on his own, it is up to Jack to infiltrate Johnny Fly's gang, rescue Edith, recoup the ruby, and get vengeance for his fallen partner.

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

In this adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, The Valley of Fear, Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming) are investigating a puzzling murder that occurred at Birlstone Castle, and that seems to be related to an underground society of American coal miners who've dubbed themselves, "The Scowlers." As the duo of expert sleuths uncover more and more clues, they discover that the head of the secret society, Professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding), has more than enough motive to be found guilty of the crime.

Mr. Moto’s Last Warning

Mr. Moto (Peter Lorre) is a Japanese detective who finds himself ensnared in a world of spy games and international intrigue when two villains plot to ignite a war between the British and French by sabotaging French ships and implicating the British as the culprits. When Mr. Moto gets wind of the malicious scheme, he fakes his own death and then poses as a local merchant to stop the evildoers from acting out their malevolent plot.

Title: Mystery Classics: 4 Feature Films
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Mystery, Ginger Rogers, Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 4/17/2004
Product Type: DVD
Rated: G
UPC: 096009206499
Item #: MTI020649

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