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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics 10 DVD
Mystery Classics 10

Mystery Classics 10

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Price: $5.95
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Chandu on the Magic Island

The Ubasti cult, on the mystical island of Lemuria, is plotting to sacrifice Egyptian Princess Nadji so their goddess, Ossana, may be resurrected. One major obstacle stands in their way: White Magic magician Frank Chandler (Bela Lugosi)—known to all as Chandu—has cast a protective spell over Princess Nadji. Eventually, Ubasti breaks Chandu's spell and magically transports the princess to Lemuria, where Chandu goes in search of her. Once there, the good magician's family is captured and slotted for sacrifice while Chandu, trapped like a laboratory rat, travels an endless labyrinth of caves beneath the Ubasti's temple—where his mortal strength and magical powers seem futile…


A tense and gritty crime drama, Trapped begins to unfold as the U.S. Treasury Department investigates the sudden appearance of several counterfeit bills recognized as the work of Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges), a criminal already doing time in prison. To find out who got their hands on Stewart's old bank plates, he's offered a shorter sentence, but Tris refuses to talk. A few weeks later, Stewart escapes during a prison transfer, but it's a Treasury Department set-up. Hoping Stewart will go for the plates, an agent tails him until Tris manages to give him the slip. Having anticipated this would happen, the Treasury Department bugged the apartment of Stewart's girlfriend (Barbara Payton) and placed an agent, John Downey (John Hoyt), at the nightclub where she works. Agent Downey manages to get in with Stewart and they partner up—plotting to get their hands on the counterfeit cash and then skip the country. But before the deal is sealed, Downey's cover is unexpectedly blown. All hell breaks loose as possible double-crosses develop and the Treasury Department struggles to get their man.

Circumstantial Evidence

Touted as "one of the best-crafted and most entertaining whodunits of its era," Circumstantial Evidence tells the story of two reporters who set out to reveal the cracks in the justice system after a man is convicted of murder solely on circumstantial evidence. To prove their case, Jim Baldwin (Chick Chandler) and Fred Stevens (Arthur Vinton) fake Fred's murder, but the plan backfires in the very worst way when Fred turns up very much dead. Jim is arrested, tried and convicted of Stevens' murder, then sentenced to death. Knowing it's the only way he can prove his innocence, Jim escapes lock-up, and, with the help of his faithful friends, hunts down the true killer, who had plenty of motive to commit the dirty deed.

Up In the Air

A captivating whodunit, Up in the Air revolves around the wicked goings-on at a radio station where employees are knee-deep in a slew of mysterious murders after several of the station's star acts are killed on-air. The station's page boy, Frankie (Frankie Darro), and his porter pal, Jeff (Mantan Moreland), had been trying to convince owners to air their comedy act and were denied up until now. With the support of the station's receptionist and an aspiring singer, they're given a shot at stardom via a radio debut as they track down the killer and solve the murders for the bumbling police.

Title: Mystery Classics 10
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Chick Chandler, Bela Lugosi
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White, Remastered, Enhanced
Release Date: 11/11/2005
Product Type: DVD
Rated: PG13
UPC: 096009372897
Item #: PLT037289

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