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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics 12 DVD
Mystery Classics 12

Mystery Classics 12

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Price: $4.95
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Fog Island

Framed for embezzlement and the murder of his wife, Leo Grainger (George Zucco) had plenty of time in his cell to plot revenge on the former colleagues who put him there. Released from the clink, Grainger incurs the help of a diabolical scientist to help him carry out his agenda of vengeance. He then invites a group of his ex-associates to an isolated mansion on Fog Island where deadly traps await to reveal his wife's killer apart from those who framed him for embezzlement. Believing a stash of cash is hidden in the mansion, Grainger's one-time colleagues and former cellmate travel to Fog Island, where clues lead to lethal mayhem—and bitter-sweet revenge.

Green Eyes

Based on The Murder of Stephen Kester, a plot-twisting novel by H. Ashbrook, Green Eyesgets off to a shocking start as Stephen Kester (Claude Gillingwater), the host of a masquerade party, is found stabbed to death in a closet. The victim's daughter (Shirley Grey) and her fiancé (William Bakewell), whose impending wedding was staunchly forbidden by Kester, become prime suspects. Then, mystery writer Bill Tracy (Charles Starrett) suggests to the investigating Inspector Crofton (John Wray) that Kester's business partners Pritchard (Alden Chase) and Hall (Arthur Clayton) also had motive to do the deed. Tracy's suspicions appear to prove true when Hall commits suicide, leaving behind a note confessing to the murder. But there's more to this tricky little mystery than meets the eye—the truth turns out to be an impossibility.

The Green Glove

Set in France during World War II, a Nazi sympathizer and art thief, Paul Rona (George Macready), is captured by American soldier Michael Blake (Glenn Ford). Rona manages to give Blake the slip, but in his flight leaves behind a stolen religious artifact of extreme value. An injured Blake leaves the relic with the family that took him in, but after some financial struggles, he returns to France in search of the priceless artifact. Once in Paris, Blake discovers he's being tailed by mysterious men and when one of them turns up dead in his hotel room, the police quickly take an interest in Blake's activities. On the run with a tour guide (Geraldine Brooks) that he's fallen for, the ex-soldier begins a cross-country flight that comes to a surprising end.

International Crime

International Crime, a mile-a-minute thriller, follows the detective work of rookie criminologist Lamont Cranston (Rod La Rocque) who doubles as The Shadow. As he's reporting for a radio crime show, his assistant Phoebe Lane (Astrid Allwyn) hands him a note saying the Metropolitan Theatre is to be robbed that night. As an aside, he includes this bit of news at the end of his report about Honest John (William Pawley), a notorious safe cracker who's been released from prison. Through with his report, Cranston goes to the theatre to be robbed, but nothing happens. Across town, a safe is blown at the home of an international banker who is killed in the explosion. Is this a simple robbery case or a red-herring meant to camouflage a more complex scheme—the work of Honest John or a dastardly frame job?

Title: Mystery Classics 12
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Lionel Atwill, Glenn Ford
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White, Remastered, Enhanced
Release Date: 11/11/2005
Product Type: DVD
Rated: G
UPC: 096009373092
Item #: PLT037309

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