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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics: Volume 15 DVD
Mystery Classics: Volume 15

Mystery Classics: Volume 15

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Price: $5.95
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THE MYSTERIOUS MR. WONGThere's more to the mysterious merchant Mr. Wong (Bela Lugosi) than meets the eye in this diabolical mystery thriller. Though he appears to be an innocent storekeeper, Wong has been plotting to steal the Twelve Coins of Confucius and use their power to seize control of Keelat, a Chinese province. In his attempts to get his hands on the coins, Wong has left a trail of bodies in his wake, piquing the interest of sharp-witted reporter Jason Barton (Wallace Ford). Jason soon discovers that snooping can have deadly consequences when he barely dodges an attempt on his life while dining at a Chinese restaurant with main squeeze Peg (Arline Judge). The fleeing couple finds refuge in a nearby shoprealizing all too late they've trapped themselves in the evildoer's lairTHE MYSTERY OF MR. WONGThe world's most valuable jewela giant star sapphire said to be cursedhas been stolen from an empress's corpse where it laid in place of her treacherous heart. The collector with whom the gem ends up receives a death threat shortly thereafter, and he immediately suspects that the curse is at work. Turning to Detective Wong (Boris Karloff) for help, the man shows him both the stone and the threatening note, which reveals clues to the sender's identity. But before any headway into the case can be made, the jewel collector is mysteriously murdered at a party during a game of charades. Though it appears the victim's secretary is to blame, the killer had made his deadly move in darknessthe lights went out just before the sinister act was committed. True to form, the butler and maid are among a long list of suspects. Wong must sort out everyone's secrets, figure out the facts, and uncover the motive to unveil the killer's identity.PHANTO
Title: Mystery Classics: Volume 15
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Boris Karloff, Robert Cummings, Wallace Ford, Richard Basehart, Arline Judge
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 7/5/2005
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 096009391393
Item #: PLT939139

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