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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics: Volume 16 DVD
Mystery Classics: Volume 16

Mystery Classics: Volume 16

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The Shadow Strikes

The Shadow Strikes is the first film adventure of the mysterious pulp hero of radio and print fame. This time around, two thieves break into attorney Chester Randall's office safe but The Shadow (Rod La Rocque) foils the robbery and keeps the burglars at the scene of the crime until police arrive. Before The Shadow leaves, he receives a phone call meant for Randall, who is out of town. On the line is multi-millionaire Jasper Delthern (James Blakely), asking him to draw up a revised will. Just as The Shadow's alter-ego, Lamont Cranston, meets with Delthern, a sniper shoots the old man through the window, killing him instantly. Now Delthern's eleven million dollar estate is up for grabs, and his heirs promptly begin fighting over the fortune. At the same time, dubious underworld characters with seemingly no connection to the dead man start moving in to stake their claim—and, on top of all that, the police believe the mysterious avenger is to blame for the crimes. Can The Shadow crack this convoluted caper and clear his name?

A Shot in the Dark

Charles Starrett plays a college football star, Ken Harris, whose roommate, Byron (James Bush), is discovered hanging from the fire escape outside of his dormitory—a murder disguised as suicide. Byron's identical half-brother is thought to be the killer until he, too, is found murdered. When those involved in the case wind up at a creepy old mansion, they soon become targets of the killer, whose identity is concealed in a hood. Though Ken and Byron's sister Jean (Marion Shilling) have vowed to unmask the murderer, they may never get the chance—the bodies are piling up and the killer always seems to stay one step ahead of his prey…

Slightly Honorable

Law partners John Webb (Pat O'Brien) and Russell Sampson (Broderick Crawford) are commissioned to get a law passed that will change the way highway contracts are issued by requiring that all paving bids be sealed. Concerns have been raised that inferior quality materials are being used by crooked contractors who are getting jobs through secret political deals. To top off these shady activities, a corrupt highway contractor was found murdered on one of his substandard highways, and it looks like if attorney John Webb sticks his nose where it's unwanted, he'll be next. One day, while he's in his office, a knife comes barreling at Webb—narrowly missing him and striking the wall. A note is attached warning him off the case. Soon after, a politician's girlfriend (Claire Dodd) is found stabbed to death with a knife similar to the one thrown at Webb, and later, the lawyer's secretary is found murdered in the same way. Will Webb continue with the case, or will he lie low for awhile—especially considering he's one of the murder suspects?

Shadows on the Stairs

Dirty deeds are underway at a boarding house in London: a rash of brutal murders has occurred there, and everyone is a suspect, including shady owners Mr. and Mrs. Armitage (Miles Mander and Frieda Inescort); their daughter Sylvia (Heather Angel); their inept, alcohol-indulgent maid Lucy (Phyllis Barry); an eccentric old maid; an Indian nationalist (Turhan Bey); and a struggling playwright named Hugh Bromilow (Bruce Lester) who attempts to deduce the killer's identity. Though everyone's a suspect, the real killer will come as a shock in a surprise twist ending reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling.

Title: Mystery Classics: Volume 16
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Frieda Inescort, Pat O'Brien
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 7/5/2005
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 096009391492
Item #: PLT939149

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