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Bring Home the Classics


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Mystery Classics 3 DVD
Mystery Classics 3

Mystery Classics 3

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Price: $5.95
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Bluebeard is the intensely thrilling tale of Gaston (John Carradine), a well-known artist and puppeteer in 19th century Paris. Apart from his ill-fated victims, no one knows that the heart of a monster lurks beneath Gaston's seemingly innocent façade. The authorities, who have been on the hunt for a serial killer they call "Bluebeard," are unaware that the hands capable of creating spectacular works of art are also capable of squeezing the life out of its victims. Lucille (Jean Parker), Gaston's latest portrait model, suspects her employer's ill-doings and makes a courageous attempt to expose him—but will she end up just another victim?

The Death Kiss

In the final scene of Tonart Studio's production of The Death Kiss, leading man Myles Brent (Edmund Burns) is shot and killed when a prop gun's fake bullets are replaced with real ones. Brent, a notorious womanizer, has a mile-long list of scorned women suspects. But the list of possible killers doesn't stop there—the studio boss (Alexander Carr), director (Edward Van Sloan), and alluring but stubborn leading lady (Adrienne Ames) all have motives for murder. With so many suspects, it's going to be one heck of a whodunit!

Dressed to Kill

Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) is back on the case, ready to solve yet another mind-boggling mystery! This time a convict locked away in a British prison has made music boxes out of stolen engraving plates from the Bank of England, and every bad guy from Sunderland to St. Austell is killing to get his hands on them. With Watson's (Nigel Bruce) comical demeanor and helpful spirit, Holmes sets out to track down the music boxes and return the plates to their rightful owner before anyone else gets murdered.

Torture Ship

A well-intentioned doctor assembles a group of convicts ranging from small-time criminals to psychopathic killers and takes them out into the ocean to privately conduct experiments he believes will prove his theory that criminal behavior is caused by a gland disorder. The doctor then performs horrific operations and often lethal experiments on the offenders who, trapped like lab rats at sea, are kept in line by the doctor's henchmen. Believing in the doctor's goodness, the ship's captain (Lyle Talbot) allows it all to happen—until he witnesses the doctor's dreadful work first hand and rallies the victims to rebel.

Title: Mystery Classics 3
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Starring: Nigel Bruce, Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 9/12/2005
Product Type: DVD
Rated: G
UPC: 096009318994
Item #: MTI031899

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