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Night of the Fools / The Gypsy Vampire's Revenge DVD
Night of the Fools /  The Gypsy Vampire's Revenge

Night of the Fools / The Gypsy Vampire's Revenge

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This awesome double feature tribute to Ed Wood draws us inexorably into the nether world of grade-Z cinema, a mesmerizing realm of microscopic budgets, cheesy special effects and outrageous home-spun performances.Night of the Fools (2004, B&W and Color): An otherworldly encounter with alien beings gives director Edward D. Wood, Jr. a telepathic inspiration for his next picture! After a night of dining and drink, Ed and a small crew of loyal friends - Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Vampira, and the amazingCriswell - discuss plans for his new project, which has the working title, Grave-Robbers from Outer Space. As the wine flows and tongues loosen, no one notices when Ed is drawn off into the night by a strange glow from space. A giant UFO, hovering over the glittering lights of Hollywood, beams the film-maker aboard, where an Intergalactic entity explains how his next movie will serve a greater cosmic plan for all future generations.Starring Dash Titan, Yahuba Daly, Tim Timkoko, Don Mouskouri; Written and Directed by Ace Fronton.Gypsy Vampire's Revenge (2007, Color): The demonic minions of Count Lugo, the Gypsy Vampire, bring him back from the dead to continue their blood-sucking orgy! They've taken up residence in the same castle they weredriven from three years earlier. The new owners have turned Lugo's lair into a playhouse and his old nemesis, Dr. Cabasa, has arrived to consult on the first production - a play based on the Doctor's earlier bloody showdown with the Gypsy Vampire!&Conrad Brooks appeared in several early Ed Wood films - Glen or Glenda (1953) and Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) - roles that cemented his place in low-budget film history. In recent years, Brooks has produced his own string of cult favorites, includ
Title: Night of the Fools / The Gypsy Vampire's Revenge
Genre: Horror
Starring: Yahuba Daly, Dash Titan, Conrad Brooks
Director: Ace Fronton
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 11/27/2007
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 089218103598
Item #: ALP810359

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