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Night Patrol & Wrong Guys DVD
Night Patrol & Wrong Guys

Night Patrol & Wrong Guys

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Night PatrolGood-hearted but inept cop Melvin moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Billing himself as "The Unknown Comic," he wears a bag over his head to boost his courage and protect his career on the police force. Melvin is already havingenough trouble maintaining his "double identity" when a joke-cracking thief commits a series of crimes while wearing Melvin's trademark bag over his head. Now, "The Unknown Comic" is the chief suspect, so Melvin has to find the real robber, fast ... before he ends up behind bars! Murray Langston, Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, Billy Barty, Jaye P. Morgan, Andrew Dice Clay and Pat Morita lead an all-star cast in this hilarious 80s cult classic.The Wrong GuysCub Scout Pack 18 organizes a 25-year reunion to relive their fond boyhood memories. But when the five friends meet for a camping trip, they discover that what little they had once known about wilderness survival has dwindled to nothing over the years. To make matters worse, two bullies who have only gotten more obnoxious with age, show up uninvited. When an escaped killer takes refuge at the campground, things really get out of control! Believing that the men of Pack 18 are a government posse, the killer won't leave them alone. Now the former scouts embark on a mission they've never had the opportunity to earn a merit badge for...capturing a killer. Louis Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer and John Goodman star in this zany 80s comedy.
Title: Night Patrol & Wrong Guys
Genre: Comedy-Contemporary
Starring: Linda Blair, Louie Anderson, Pat Paulsen, Richard Lewis, Jaye P. Morgan, Richard Belzer, Jack Riley, Franklyn Ajaye, Billy Barty, Tim Thomerson
Directors: Danny Bilson, Jackie Kong
Studio: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 10/11/2011
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 014381748925
Item #: IMA174892

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