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Nova scienceNOW: What's the Next Big Thing? DVD
Nova scienceNOW: What's the Next Big Thing?

Nova scienceNOW: What's the Next Big Thing?

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Price: $17.95
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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson will tackle one of science's major challenges in each episode framed as a simple question that ordinary people wonder and worry about. Neil will guide US as he explores dramatic discoveries and the frontiers of research that connect each central provocative mystery. Episode includes: 1) Social Robots - Robots already build our cars and vacuum our floors. Will they one day be our companions too? Engineers are designing robots with the social smarts to understand human feelings learn from human teachers carry on conversations and even make jokes. But is a future full of robotic companions a delightful dream-or a lonely nightmare? 2) Robocars - Will the car of the future be able to drive itself? at the GM Tech Center engineers are testing two-wheeled battery-powered cars called EN-Vs. Weighing under 500 kg and measuring about 1.5 meters in length the tiny cars don't use up much energy or space. And they're smart too! Using GPS the EN-Vs can plan a route to their destination and even talk to each other. 3) Profile Jay Keasling - Jay Keasling grew up isolated on his family's farm in Nebraska. But perseverance a love of the outdoors and an interest in engineering helped him become a pioneer in the cutting-edge field of synthetic biology. Now he's developing "designer" microbes: synthesizing the key drug for malaria at a fraction of the cost and hoping to create new microbes that produce clean-burning fuels. 4) Smart Grid - How does electricity get to from it's source to your light switch? Could a new Smart Grid could do the job better? Smart Grids support transient power sources like solar and wind heading off devastating power outages and letting consumers make greener-and more economical-choices about how and when to power up. 5) Earthquake Prediction - on January 12 2010 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Just two years earlier the quake had been forecast with amazing accuracy. In exclusive coverage NOVA science NOW accompanies a team of U.S. geologists into Haiti after the tragedy trying to determine if more quakes are coming; then to California where scientists are uncovering hints of massive destruction yet to come.
Title: Nova scienceNOW: What's the Next Big Thing?
Genre: TV Variety & Misc, Special Interest-Science&Tech
Directors: Terri Randall, Kirk Wolfinger, Robe Imbriano
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Release Date: 3/29/2011
Original Year: 2011
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 841887013659
Item #: PBS701365

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