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Overland Mail: Serial, Chapters 1-15 DVD
Overland Mail: Serial, Chapters 1-15

Overland Mail: Serial, Chapters 1-15

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Frontier Marshal Jim Lane and his partner Sierra Pete must find the culprit behind the attacks on the Overland Mail. Pony Express riders are being murdered and Congress is about to take away the contract from Tom Gilbert. Although the attacks are the workof a local Indian tribe, Marshal Lane suspects that another sinister force is behind their actions. He arrives in La Paz and befriends Gilbert, as well as his beautiful daughter Helen, but all of their lives are plunged into danger as the Indian attacksincrease. Sabotage, kidnapping, cattle stampedes, booby-trapped bridges - the Indians will stop at nothing to destroy the mail service. At first, no one suspects that behind their deadly acts is Gilbert's friend and confidante, Frank Chadwick, but as theviolence builds and the corpses pile up, Lane is determined to uncover the mastermind and make the Overland Mail safe once and for all.Ford Beebe's fifteen part serial gathered an excellent cast of genre regulars and the incomparable talent of LonChaney Jr. Especially of note is his decision to set real life father and son (Noah Beery Jr. and Sr.) against each other as hero and villain.
Title: Overland Mail: Serial, Chapters 1-15
Genre: Westerns, Action-Cliffhanger Serials
Starring: Tom Chatterton, Bob Baker, Noah Beery, Jr., Lon Chaney, Jr., Noah Beery, Sr.
Director: Ford I. Beebe
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 4/26/2005
Original Year: 1941
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 089218473295
Item #: ALP004732

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