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Livietta E Tracollo DVD
Livietta E Tracollo

Livietta E Tracollo

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The Intermezzi (interludes) presented here were premiered in combination with Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's opera "Adriano in Siria" on the occasion of the festivities for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth of Spain in 1734 at the Teatro San Bartolo in Naples. As was customary, the first intermezzo was given after the first act and the second intermezzo after the second act of the opera. The intermezzi had no connection with the plot of the opera seria, nor did the same singers perform. Dressed as a French peasant boy, Livietta, with her friend Fluvia, plans to lure Tracollo into a trap and punish him because he has robbed Livietta's brother and almost killed him. As Tracollo and his servant Faccenda, disguised as a pregnant Polish woman and a beggar, approach the women, Livietta pretends to be just waking up. She catches Tracollo trying to steal Fulvia's jewelry. Livietta reveals herself and is determined to have Tracollo arrested, whereupon he pleads for mercy. He attempts to calm Livietta down and promises to marry her. Although this is Livietta's greatest wish, she turns him down. Tracollo has disguised himself as an astrologer and pretends to be deranged in order to soften Livietta's heart after all. To test his supposed unsoundness of mind, Livietta acts the part of one who will soon die. Tracollo proves to be very concerned at this new set of circumstances; he stirs Livietta in such a way, that she leaves off all deception. Both swear to marry, swear eternal love and faithfulness. "Livietta and Tracollo" counts among the most popular intermezzi of the 18th century and was performed on numerous Italian stages and in other European countries for over 20 years. The production of the Intermezzo, adapted in 1963 by Wolf Ebermann and Manfred Koerth, formed
Title: Livietta E Tracollo
Genre: Opera/Operetta, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Starring: Marie Kuijken, Enrico Maggi, Nancy Argenta, Werner van Mechelen
Director: Donato di Stefano
Studio: Kultur Video
Release Date: 5/31/2011
Original Year: 2011
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 032031454897
Item #: KLT145489

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