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Portia on Trial DVD
Portia on Trial

Portia on Trial

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Portia Merriman is a crusading attorney who specializes in defending women. Her colleagues would never suspect she was once the underage girlfriend of Earle Condon, the son of a powerful newspaper magnate. Earle's father disapproved of their relationshipand not only stopped them from getting married, but forbid Portia from seeing their born-out-of-wedlock offspring as well. Years later, Portia has moved on to a successful new career, but is shocked when Earle returns from time abroad with their fully-grown son and a new lover, Elizabeth, in tow. History repeats itself when Earle's father attempts to have his son's girlfriend deported. With no one willing to stand up to the wealthy businessman, Elizabeth goes to the city's crusading female attorney for aid, not realizing her personal connection to the family. Portia must now decide whether or not to take the case, knowing that it may cause her long-lost son to walk out of her life forever.Though often considered a Poverty Row studio, Republic Picturesdecided to go for broke with the big-budget Portia On Trial. Working from an original story by acclaimed novelist Faith Baldwin, screenwriters Gordon Rigby and Cromwell Ormsby crafted a female-centric picture for Helen Gahagan, star of She (1935). When Gahagan chose to leave Hollywood for a career in politics instead, she was replaced by Frieda Inescort. A popular Broadway actress, the Scottish-born Inescort had made her film debut two years prior in The Dark Angel (1935). Despite the storyline's sophisticated pedigree, the film's script was subjected to multiple revisions from the Production Code Administration's Joseph Breen, who objected to its seeming endorsement of "illicit sex." Republic packed the film with an all-star cast, including Walter Abel,
Title: Portia on Trial
Genre: Drama-Classics
Starring: Walter Abel, Frieda Inescort, Neil Hamilton
Director: George Nicholls Jr.
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 4/28/2015
Original Year: 1937
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218761897
Item #: 1487660X

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