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The Prime Time / The Flaming Teenage DVD
The Prime Time /  The Flaming Teenage

The Prime Time / The Flaming Teenage

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The Prime Time (1959, B&W): Impatient to grow up and live a little, Jean escapes the scrutiny of her over-protective mom when she dates clean-cut Tony. What Mom doesn't know is that every night she ditches Tony and goes off on her own to lock lips wite sleazy "Mack" McKeen, police detective by day, booty hound by night. When the libidinous Lolita turns up missing, Tony and his teenage soda-shop friends head up a desperate search to locate her before she becomes a victim of her own depravity. Featuringan early film performance by future cult movie icon Karen Black, The Prime Time comes complete with skinny-dippers, a sex-offender beatnik artist, jive lingo, a catfight and rock'n'roll - all brought to us by producer-director Herschell G. Lewis, the exploitation screen's fabled Godfather of Gore!Flaming Teenage (1956, B&W): The Glen or Glenda? for the martini set, The Flaming Teenage combines a Squaresville "authority figure" host-narrator with two tales of teens whose battles with the bottle bringthem to the brink of juvenile delinque, and even the clink. Put the cork back in the bottle and allow this two-step program to save YOU from the perils of social drinking and "undesirable behavior!" Two years after this film was released, director Yeaworth went on to acclaim for his science fiction classic, The Blob (1958) starring Steve McQueen.
Title: The Prime Time / The Flaming Teenage
Genre: Drama
Starring: Noel Reyburn, Jo Ann LeCompte, Frank Roche, Ethel Barrett, Ray Gronwold, Jerry Franks, James Brooks, Shirley Holmes, Jan Davis, Maria Pavelle
Directors: Gordon Weisenborn, Charles Edwards, Herschell Gordon Lewis
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 7/27/2010
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 089218639899
Item #: ALP863989

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