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Protect Your Daughters / a Virgin in Hollywood DVD
Protect Your Daughters /  a Virgin in Hollywood

Protect Your Daughters / a Virgin in Hollywood

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A Virgin In Hollywood (1948, B&W): Sexy small town girl Darla Sloan is an undercover reporter working the back alleys of Hollywood. Her editor preys upon middle-class America's fear of Tinsel Town decadence and sends Darla into the heart of Los Angelealacious activity. Faithfully sending dispatches to her readers, Darla dishes dirt on such sensational topics as nude modeling for "artists," stag loops, perverse personal ads, drag queens and burlesque showgirls. Experimenting, submitting and unafraid totry anything, Darla exposes all until she herself is seduced into a life of sin.Produced by the legendary Dan Sonney (the subject of Ted Bonnitt's 2001 documentary Mau Mau Sex Sex), A Virgin In Hollywood was cutting edge sexploitation in the 1950s. Sonney got his break working on Dwain Esper's cult classic Maniac (1934) and would go on to be the primary creative force behind such skin flicks as Striptease Girl (1952), Love Moods (1952), Can Can Follies (1954), The Flesh Merchant (1956), Knockers Up (1963), My Tale is Hot (1964), The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill (1966) and Trader Hornee (1970). When working as a writer or director, Sonney sometimes used the cheeky nom de porn "Seymour Tokus." Starring Dorothy Abbott. Directed by Klayton W. Kirby.BR&Protect Your Daughter (1933, B&W): Helen Devereux is a loose rich girl, staying out until 3 AM every night drinking gin and carousing with lewd boys. When her mother finds Helen's panties soiled and ripped to shreds one morning, she is certaindaughter will bring disgrace to the family name by getting "in trouble." Helen's mother wishes her promiscuous daughter could be more like Helen's meek best friend, Beth. Devout and pious Beth has promised her holy-rolling father, Rev. John MacDougall, th
Title: Protect Your Daughters / a Virgin in Hollywood
Genre: Drama-Classics
Starring: Dorothy Abbott, Carol Brewster
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/27/2006
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218508591
Item #: ALP005085

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