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Rare Anatomy: Bones & Blood DVD
Rare Anatomy: Bones & Blood

Rare Anatomy: Bones & Blood

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National Geographic investigates the science behind severe genetic disorders and the extraordinary people who live with them. Bones: Imagine breaking a rib just by coughing or having an internal organ turning to bone. These are just two of the many life threatening challenges faced by Jake Grys and Holly Pullano, two people with extraordinary genetic bone disorders. Jake is a spirited 9 year old boy who has broken practically every bone in his body, and Holly is a 28 year old whose muscles and tendons can turn to bone after the slightest impact. Using advanced animation, National Geographic travels inside Jakes diminutive frame to discover what make his bones so brittle and explores Hollys inner workings to find out how organs can turn into bone, progressively encasing her in a second skeleton. Blood: Twelve year old Son Phams face has been taken over by a huge balloon like mass, caused by abnormal blood vessels. The severity of his condition is so staggering that leading specialists have designed a complex, years long treatment program specifically for him. National Geographic follows as Son undergoes an invasive and risky procedure, part of a series designed to diminish the malformation. Sixteen year old Michael Politzers vascular system has spread into a labyrinth that mangles and reshapes his organs, causing bone and tissue overgrowth. Follow Michael as he tries to live like a normal teenager, while fighting the continuous attacks of his own body that have forced him to have amputations and his spleen removed.
Title: Rare Anatomy: Bones & Blood
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Studio: National Geographic
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, NTSC Format
Release Date: 6/17/2014
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 727994952251
Item #: 1238079X

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