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Rare TV Mystery: Herald Playhouse / Police Station DVD
Rare TV Mystery: Herald Playhouse /  Police Station

Rare TV Mystery: Herald Playhouse / Police Station

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HERALD PLAYHOUSE (SCHLITZ PLAYHOUSE OF STARS) - Rabbit's Foot (1954):Stephen McNally stars in this suspense thriller as Frank Dyson, an ex-baseball player-turned-thief and killer. Having just committed a payroll robbery, he successfully passes himself offas an investigating detective, but his superstitious nature proves to be his undoing. Director Christian Nyby is best remembered for the 1951 classic The Thing From Another World. Starring Stephen McNally and Paul Langton.INSPECTOR MARK SABER - The Case of the Locked Room (1952): Douglas Manning is found dead in his apartment. Since the apartment door was locked from the inside, it appears to be an open-and-shut case of suicide, but Inspector Mark Saber suspects foul play and methodically lays atrap for the killer. Tom Conway (1904-1967) is best remembered for his role as "The Falcon" in the big-screen mystery series, which he took over from his real-life brother, Oscar-winning actor George Sanders. Starring Tom Conway.POLICE STATION (1959): Keeping the peace is a 24-hour job at the 11th Precinct, where the detectives investigate a gang war in which two juveniless were murdered. Starring Baynes Barron, Larry Kerr, Henry Beckman.THE VISITOR - The Guest (1952): At gunpoint, fugitive Joe Langan forces Linda West and her ailing mother to harbor him in their peaceful suburban home. This early lead role for Charles Bronson (billed as "Charles Buchinski") marked his first collaboration with filmmaker Robert Aldrich, who later directed the actor in Apache and Vera Cruz4 for Texas (1963) and the blockbuster The Dirty Dozen (1967).
Title: Rare TV Mystery: Herald Playhouse / Police Station
Genre: Television
Starring: Stephen McNally, Paul Langton, Tom Conway, Charles Bronson, Baynes Barron, Larry Kerr, Henry Beckman, Beulah Bondi
Director: Robert Aldrich
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 4/29/2014
Original Year: 2014
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218735799
Item #: 1164806X

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