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Rex Bell Double Feature: Rainbow Ranch & the Tonto DVD
Rex Bell Double Feature: Rainbow Ranch & the Tonto

Rex Bell Double Feature: Rainbow Ranch & the Tonto

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Rainbow Ranch (1933, B&W): An urgent telegram summons Ed Randall to his Aunt Martha's Nevada ranch. Ed's uncle has been murdered and Martha is desperately trying to keep their land out of the hands of shady Marvin Black. To keep Ed from fouling up hisemes, Black frames him for killing a local lawyer. Jailed and threatened with hanging, Ed manages to escape with help from pretty Molly Burke, whose own father's ranch has also been targeted by the greedy landgrabber. With both the law and Black's henchmen now after him, Ed needs a miracle to help him stop Black once and for all.Starring Rex Bell, Cecillia Parker, Bob Kortman, Henry Hall; Directed by Harry L. Fraser.The Tonto Kid (1934, B&W): Rancher Rance Cartwright is on his deathbed. His last wish is to personally pass on his estate to Edna May, the granddaughter he's never met. He hires shady lawyer Sam Creech to locate her. Having just learned from ex-Cartwright ranch hand, the Tonto Kid, that there is a fortune in valuable ore on the land, Creech hires a woman to impersonate the missing heiress in the hopes of stealing the property for himself. The crooked attorney's greedy scheme seems destined to succeed, but he hasn't counted on the wild card in the deck - the Tonto Kid.Starring Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Theodore Lorch; Directed by Harry L. Fraser.
Title: Rex Bell Double Feature: Rainbow Ranch & the Tonto
Genre: Westerns
Starring: Ruth Mix, Rex Bell, Cecilia Parker, Robert Kortman, Harry Bowen, Henry Hall, Vane Calbert, Gordon DeMaine, Charles Haefeli, George Nash
Director: Harry Fraser
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/24/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218561091
Item #: ALP856109

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