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Russian Red Terror DVD
Russian Red Terror

Russian Red Terror

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Russia And The?Coming Holocaust: This 1981 film, made while the Russian military occupied Afghanistan, puts forth the proposition that world is on the brink of a nuclear holocaust, the inevitable outcome of the tensions fostered between the two superpowers. The history of Russia from the overthrow of the Czar to the rise of Marxism and Communism is recounted. Doctrine stressing the welfare of the State over individual rights, and essentially banning religion, is brainwashed into the populace from an earlyage. With the defeat of Hitler's legions, the mighty Russian Bear became a superpower, and began to look ever outward in an insatiable desire for expansion. At the center of the Soviet philosophy is the belief in the inevitability of world domination. With East and West opposing one another at every flash point, armed with enough firepower to incinerate life on earth many times over, a Nuclear Armageddon may be unavoidable.Children Of Russia: This rare documentary explores the the Ukraine where we see Russian children re-enacting Tom Sawyer on their summer vacation. A Soviet school appears much like an American school. Grade school children learn their country's history on a field trip to a Palace of the Czar. We observe Russian children at mealtime, at school or enjoying sports and recreation and conclude that kids are pretty much the same everywhere.Finland Fights: In 1939 mighty Russia invaded tiny Finland, in a little known chapter of history. Rather than surrender, the Finns gallantly defended their homeland, inflicting devastating losses on the invaders. The film-makers boast that the incredible battle sequences were filmed at 40 below zero while cameramen braved death from land and the air - "a remarkable achievement!"
Title: Russian Red Terror
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/24/2014
Original Year: 1940
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218740090
Item #: 1253596X

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