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Savaloy Dip: Words and Music By Alan Price CD
Savaloy Dip: Words and Music By Alan Price

Savaloy Dip: Words and Music By Alan Price

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FROM THE ANIMALS TO THE MOVIES AND BEYOND Alan Price's Savaloy Dip is one of history's great lost albums. It was recorded as a full-length clearly intended for official release, accidentally issued for a nanosecond (on 8-Track!) then recalled, the circumstances behind it's fate murky to this very day. The tale of the tape, as sleuthed out thus far... In 1974, the 32-year-old founder/keyboardist of The Animals and arranger of "House Of The Rising Sun," was rather on a roll. He'd built a solo career that included commercial hits (in the U.K.), a reputation as a canny song-crafter strongly influenced by Randy Newman, and a soundtrack composer coming off a successful film (O Lucky Man!, Lindsay Anderson's 1973 comedy starring Malcolm McDowell). Price's movie score drew nothing but raves. With praise like this, anticipation was in the air, greater expectations on the wind-from both clued-in music heads and Price's record label, Warner Bros. The March 18 issue of Warners' house organ, the weekly Circular magazine, teases Price's "forthcoming album," which is described as "every bit as good as O Lucky Man!" But the LP that arrived was Between Today And Yesterday, not Savaloy Dip. Warners A&R VP Lenny Waronker couldn't recollectwhy, but for some reason Savaloy Dip, scheduled to be the follow-up to O Lucky Man!, was scotched. To complicate matters, a few 8-Track versions of the album were pressed and distributed before being recalled. Price salvaged one track from the project, "Between Today And Yesterday," as the centerpiece for his subsequent album. Omnivore is proud to present the first ever, non 8-Track release of a great lost album, Savaloy Dip! Dig in!
Title: Savaloy Dip: Words and Music By Alan Price
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Alan Price
Label: Omnivore Recordings
Release Date: 1/15/2016
Product Type: CD
UPC: 816651014859
Item #: 1508880X
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