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Silent Comedy Classics DVD
Silent Comedy Classics

Silent Comedy Classics

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In the years before the sound revolution, silent film directors delivered hundreds of brilliantly funny comedy shorts that laid the groundwork for everything that followed in the era of sound. Legendary stars like Chaplin, Keaton, Hardy, Chase and Lloyd still captivate viewers with their comedic genius. This collection of shorts provides modern audiences with a fascinating and funny glimpse into the dawn of cinema comedy.Fluttering Hearts (1927): Smitten by a reckless, crazy girl, Charley will do anything to please her wealthy father. Co-starring Oliver Hardy and directed by James Parrott. Original Musical Score by Don Kinnier.Mighty Like A Moose (1926): A husband gets his buck teeth fixed and his wife gets a nose job. Not recognizing each other, they start to flirt. Directed by Leo McCrarey. Original Musical Score by Don Kinnier.The Caretaker's Daughter (1925): After being seen with another woman, Charley poses as a Chinese waiter to elude his angry wife. Directed by Leo McCrarey. Original Musical Score by Don Kinnier.Be Your Age (1926): A mild-mannered clerk is black-mailed intomarrying a wealthy widow. Starring Charley Chase and Oliver Hardy. Directed by Leo McCrarey. Original Musical Score by Don Kinnier.Forgotten Sweeties (1927): Charley's old girlfriend moves across the hall with her new husband, sparking a jealous free-for-all. Directed by Charley's brother, James Parrott. Original Musical Score by Don Kinnier.Late to Lunch (1987): Directed by and starring John K. Carpenter, this 1987 film is a loving homage to the classic silent comedy shorts of Charley Chase.The Locket, or When She Was Twenty (1913): Judge Jones (John Bunny) is riding on a train when the passenger next to him drops her locket in
Title: Silent Comedy Classics
Genre: Drama-Classics (Silent Films)
Starring: John Bunny, Charlie Chaplin, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand, Silent Movie
Release Date: 11/24/2009
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218594198
Item #: ALP859419

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