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Snakes and Sinners Two-fer DVD
Snakes and Sinners Two-fer

Snakes and Sinners Two-fer

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God Told Me ToA rooftop sniper guns down 14 pedestrians on the streets of New York City. A mild-mannered dad takes a shotgun and blows away his wife and children. A cop goes on a sudden shooting spree at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And each of these unlikely killers makes the same dying confession: "God told me to."Now a repressed Catholic NYPD detective (Tony Lo Bianco of The Honeymoon Killers and The French Connection) must uncover a netherworld of deranged faith, alien insemination and his own unholy connection to a homicidal messiah with a perverse plan for the soul of mankind. This is the critically acclaimed cult classic written, produced and directed by Larry Cohen (Bone, Q: The Winged Serpent) that remains one of the mostdisturbing and thought-provoking horror films of our time: God Told Me To. Deborah Raffin, Sandy Dennis, Richard Lynch and Andy Kaufman co-star in this one-of-a-kind chiller, now fully restored from original negative materials, re-mastered in superb DTS 6.1 audio and filled with all new Extras for the first time ever.VenomIt was supposed to be the perfect crime: the sexy maid (Susan George of Straw Dogs), a psychotic chauffeur (Oliver Reed, Revolver) and an international terrorist (thelegendary Klaus Kinski) kidnap a wealthy ten-year-old boy from his elegant London townhouse. But they didn't count on a murdered cop, a desperate hostage siege and one very unexpected houseguest: a furious Black Mamba, the most lethal and aggressive snakeknown to nature. It can attack from ten feet away. Its bite brings excruciating death, and it is on the loose. Now, terror knows no antidote...and the ultimate in slithering mayhem is Venom.Sterling Hayden (The Killing), Nicol Williamson (Excalib
Title: Snakes and Sinners Two-fer
Genre: Horror
Studio: Blue Underground
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: Digital Theater System, Dolby
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 827058400794
Item #: BLG584007

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