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The Snow Creature DVD
The Snow Creature

The Snow Creature

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The Snow Creature IS AN EIGHT MOVIE COMPILATION STARTING OUT WITH ... The Snow Creature - One of the greatest scientific discoveries in the world, a Yeti or snow creature, suffers a violent fate when brought from the Himalayas to Los Angeles, California, to be studied. / The She-Beast - Veronica (Barbara Steele) is a beautiful young bride who is possessed by an 18th century Transylvanian witch that was murdered by local villagers and is now bent on getting her revenge. / Chupacabra vs. The Alamo - When murder victims are discovered with every drop of blood siphoned from their bodies, Erik Estrada must take on a deadly pack of Chupacabras loose in the Texas desert. / Blood Predator - Stranded in the mountains, the survivors of a jet crash are forced to fight off a rapidly multiplying extraterrestrial beast. / Curse of the Wolf - Dakota, a young werewolf, has finally learned to control her nighttime transformations and escapes to the city to start a new life. But her pack won't let her go without a final, vicious battle. / House of Mystery Has the deadly Curse of Kali returned for revenge against archeologist John Prendergast (Clay Clement), or is there a more secret and sinister plot at work? / Juggernaut - Teetering on the brink of a breakthrough in his experimental cure for paralysis, Dr. Sartorius (Boris Karloff) turns to the sinful profession of murder-for-hire to fund his research. / Mesa of Lost Women - This tale unfolds with a terrifying and deadly plane crash in the jungle. The survivors, having no idea where they've landed, are forced into the forest, looking for any sign of civilization they can find. / Horrors of Spider Island - After a plane crash in the Pacific, an American dance troupe of bombshell babes and their manager, Gary, are castaway on a deserted island. Then Gary is bitten by a huge spider with venom that transforms him into a murderous monster.
Title: The Snow Creature
Genre: Horror
Starring: Paul Langton, Leslie Denison, Barbara Steele, Erik Estrada
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 7/4/2017
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 096009468743
Item #: 1896590X

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