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Street Safe: Surviving a Street Knife Attack DVD
Street Safe: Surviving a Street Knife Attack

Street Safe: Surviving a Street Knife Attack

List Price: $24.95
Price: $18.95
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Street Safe: Surviving a Street Knife Attack The DVD How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Featuring Marc Mac Young From out of nowhere, a criminal suddenly lashes out with a violent attack. The criminal easily wins because the victim is unaware that a crime is in progress until the actual assault takes place. By then it's too late. As a law enforcement professional, you may have extensive training in hand to hand combat. You may also have your service weapon at hand to defend yourself. But what about your family? Does your wife, your children, or your parents have the same training advantage? You cannot always be there to protect them. Therefore, the best way to protect others is to teach them exactly how they can protect themselves against street violence. The violent attack, though blinding in it's speed, does not come out of the clear blue. Few criminals attack on impulse, most rely on calculation. By the time the criminal decides to attack, he has a 95 % chance of success. He has already taken the time and steps he needs to create a situation that insures his success-usually right in front of the victim's eyes. That's why it's vital to learn how to recognize the signals of impending danger. By utilizing this knowledge you can prevent the criminal from getting into attack position-in effect stopping the attack stopping the attack before it starts. Street Safe The DVD demonstrates ways to avoid becoming a victim of violence, and how to do so without using a weapon. You can avoid assault and avoid the legal liability that often accompanies the use of weapons even in self defense. "Street Safe The DVD" teaches crime avoidance by unmasking the 5 stages all crimes must go through, what they look like, and how you should react at each stage to put a stop to the developing situation. This DVD arms you with the answers you need to keep from being victimized by crime: Who the criminal will choose as his victim What the criminal is really afraid of When & Where will a criminal feel safe to attack you How it looks when you're being set up for a crime Why criminal behavior is predictable
Title: Street Safe: Surviving a Street Knife Attack
Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Director: Loti Group
Studio: Loti Group
Release Date: 7/16/2015
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 611597805680
Item #: 1524148X

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