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Beginner's Dynamic Yoga: Release Stress & Lose DVD
Beginner's Dynamic Yoga: Release Stress & Lose

Beginner's Dynamic Yoga: Release Stress & Lose

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If you eat when you are stressed, this DVD is for you! After just one session, you will experience immediate stress release and be on your way to the fit mind/body you desire. The DVD is suitable for both beginners and seniors by going at a gentle pace while giving ample time to get into the next pose. Highly recommended by medical professionals, this 40 minute DVD begins with 14 minutes of modified standing yoga poses combined with energy enhancing breathing exercises that will help you tone and rejuvenate your entire mind, body and spirit. The second part incorporates 14 minutes of seated yoga poses to help alleviate all-over body aches and pains caused by muscle tension. Then an original 10 minute weight loss meditation follows which includes an awesome guided visualization on a breathtaking beach to beautiful award-winning music that will lift your spirits to amazing heights! This unique therapeutic beginner's yoga program is created by Suzanne Andrews, a licensed rehab specialist, certified yoga instructor, and star of PBS TV's Functional Fitness. Suzanne Andrews is a licensed Occupational Therapy Practitioner, and the Health and Fitness Expert on DBCC PBS TV. Her other certifications include Yoga, Personal Training, Water Exercise and she also holds a diploma in Fitness and nutrition. She specializes in helping people retain and regain function through functional exercises. Her sincere enthusiasm and passion for helping others comes from 30 years of experience. Suzanne understands that not everyone can or even wants to do pretzel poses and designed this DVD to be suitable for all ages and all levels of expertise. This DVD also includes a bonus meditation audio CD for additional stress release and weight loss motivation.
Title: Beginner's Dynamic Yoga: Release Stress & Lose
Genre: Health & Fitness-Yoga
Starring: Suzanne Andrews
Director: Suzanne Andrews
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 3/6/2012
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 874482001783
Item #: WID200178

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