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Taoist Internal Revitalization Exercises: Slow Down Aging Process DVD
Taoist Internal Revitalization Exercises: Slow Down Aging Process

Taoist Internal Revitalization Exercises: Slow Down Aging Process

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The Internal Revitalization Exercises were created by ancient Taoist sages through careful research and application of the physical laws of nature and the natural principles of healing. The conformity to these physical laws, the same laws that control the human body, contains the special power to help the diseased body parts back to it's natural order and health. The internal exercises are easy to do and do not take a lot of time to perform. By using our imagination, we may begin to explore our minds and bodies and in time will discover increased levels of health within us. Instructor JB Berns has a long background in the martial arts, yoga, personal and wellness training and developing exercise systems. He was named by Fitness Magazine as one of the top 10 personal trainers in the nation. While recovering from a knee injury, he used his 20-plus years of martial arts experience to develop the low-impact Urban Rebounder exerciser system, which sold millions and was named one of the top 100 products of 2008 by Consumer Reports. The Urban Rebounder is now in over 5,000 gyms worldwide and 18 different countries. JB has also created many DVDs for exercise and wellness, which are available worldwide in nine different languages. In addition, he designed the Jackie Chan Cable Flex System for resistance and aerobic exercise at home. JB has appeared on many television programs including the Today Show, CNN, CBS, NBC, the View, and the Doctors.
Title: Taoist Internal Revitalization Exercises: Slow Down Aging Process
Genre: Health & Fitness-Yoga
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 2/19/2013
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 874482003503
Item #: 490757X

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