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Temple Grandin DVD
Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

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It doesn't take long to see that Temple Grandin (Claire Danes), in this HBO biopic now on DVD, is, well, differentshe tells us before the credits start that she's "not like other people." But "different" is not "less." Indeed, Grandin, who is now in her60s, has accomplished a good deal on this DVD more than a great many "normal" folks, let alone others afflicted with the autism that Grandin overcame. The Temple Grandin DVD follows Temple on her way to earning a doctorate and becoming a bestselling author and a pioneer in the humane treatment of livestock as she learns to work with her autism. It wasn't easy. The doctor who diagnosed her at age 4 said she'd never talk and would have to be institutionalized. This Temple Grandin DVD shows how,through the dogged efforts of her mother (Julia Ormond)who was told that "lack of bonding" with her child might have caused her autismdid Grandin learn to speak; to go to high school, college, and grad school; and to become a highly productive scientist, enduring the cruel taunts of her classmates and the resistance of many of the adults in her life, all on Temple Grandin on DVD. Her lack of social skills and sometimes violent reactions to the overstimulation in her environment made it tough to fit in to say the least, on DVD. Danes, who is in nearly every scene of director Mick Jackson's DVD, is remarkable, embodying Grandin's various idiosyncrasiessuch as talking too loud, too fast, and too muchon this DVD, without resorting to caricature. Jackson does a marvelous job of depicting Temple Grandins accomplishments like discovering that the "squeeze machine" created to calm upset cattle worked on herself as a replacement for the affection she failed to receive as a child. Futher on this Te
Title: Temple Grandin
Genre: Drama, Biography
Starring: Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, David Strathairn, Julia Ormond, Jenna Wheeler Hughes, Steve Uzzell, Jim Flowers, Joe Nemmers, Richard Dillard, David Born
Director: Mick Jackson
Studio: HBO Home Video
Attributes: Widescreen, Subtitled, Dolby
Release Date: 8/17/2010
Original Year: 2010
Product Type: DVD
Rated: TVMA
UPC: 883929131716
Item #: HBD052669

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