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One Man Parade: Live From Dallas July 4th, 1994 DVD
One Man Parade: Live From Dallas July 4th, 1994

One Man Parade: Live From Dallas July 4th, 1994

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60s pop icon Tiny Tim was an ardent patriot. He was famously turned down when he tried to enlist in the US military to fight in the Korean War and in the late-50s was thrown out of a recruitment office for unironically telling an officer that he wanted to join the US Air Force to "go to the moon." Patriotic songs were staples of his live shows. At the height of his celebrity, he clashed with record executives at Reprise Records over his desire to release his covers of forgotten World War One songs at the height of public protest against the Vietnam War. On July 4th, 1994, Dallas, TX impresario Bucks Burnett, then-serving as Tiny Tim Fan Club President and producer of Tiny Tim's final album "Girl," filmed a solo performance by Tiny Tim at a private July 4th party. Sitting stoically in front of an old standup piano and an American flag, and aided by a few beers, Tiny Tim delivered a 45-minute, flag-waving oration. In this incredible video, originally made available on VHS via mail order to members of the Tiny Tim Can Club, Tiny Tim details his views on American politics, dishes on his attempts to join the Army, and performs a host of Patriotic numbers both beloved and obscure. 27 years later, the Tiny Tim Fan Club, 14 Records and Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Are proud to make "Tiny Tim: One Man Parade" available to Tiny Tim fans old and new, featuring a new introduction by Bucks Burnett, as well as the Tiny Tim tribute song "One Man Parade" performed by The Rock Stars. Watch and ponder Tiny Tim's unique catechism about patriotism: "What does America mean to you?".
Title: One Man Parade: Live From Dallas July 4th, 1994
Genre: Folk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Studio: Ship to Shore Media
Release Date: 10/1/2021
Original Year: 1994
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 616967901603
Item #: 2428241X

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