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Traditional Style Yoseikan Budo With Hiroo Mochizuki DVD
Traditional Style Yoseikan Budo With Hiroo Mochizuki

Traditional Style Yoseikan Budo With Hiroo Mochizuki

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Master Hiroo Mochizuki, who inherited his knowledge from many generations of experts in martial arts, received the basis of his knowledge in Aikido (8th Dan), Ju-Jitsu (8th Dan), Iaido (7th Dan), Judo (3rd Dan). His father officially gave him his title of Soke of the Yoseikan School in the summer of 2000. Master Hiroo Mochizuki also received a solid training in Karate in which he practiced different styles that he introduced in Europe in the 50's. Through a rich and exceptional career, started during his childhood by Master Ueshiba along with many other famous Japanese masters, his expansive knowledge in a large variety of martial arts helped him to understand their potential to develop adaptability and creativity. He then made his best efforts to improve the learning process of these qualities which he considered essential within our modern society. His personal reflection made him create an original method composed of two parts: The martial part and the sports part (including a kind of specific competition made in the same purpose). on this DVD he presents, with the World Technical Director, Mario Ambrosini, and his oldest son, Mitchi Mochizuki, (respectively 6th and 4th Dan YWF, both state graduated teachers) a section of the martial part of Yoseikan Budo: Happoken Godan, Hasshakuken Yodan (two kata without weapons), Kyoei Landoli, Tonfa and Iai Kumidatchi. Languages: English - French - Spanish - German; Extra Features: Making of, Demonstration in Martigues, Trailers.
Title: Traditional Style Yoseikan Budo With Hiroo Mochizuki
Genre: Instructional, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 10/8/2013
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 874482004951
Item #: 798345X

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