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Trails of the Wild (1935) / Silver Trail (1937) DVD
Trails of the Wild (1935) /  Silver Trail (1937)

Trails of the Wild (1935) / Silver Trail (1937)

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Jim McKenna joins the Royal Mounted Police after his friend Larry Doyle mysteriously disappears. Following the missing man's trail, Jim discovers that Larry was last seen heading for Ghost Mountain', an abandoned gold mine said to be haunted. Though no one has ever returned from Ghost Mountain, the heroic mountie vows to find his friend, even if it costs him his life.A rare Western that incorporates horror elements, Trails of the Wild is directed by the prolific Sam Newfield. With a career dating back to the silent era, Newfield made over 250 features, including The Terror of Tiny Town (1938), The Mad Monster (1942) and Lost Continent (1951). Many of his films were for PRC Pictures, and were produced by his brother, Sigmund Neufeld. Star Kermit Maynard started his Hollywood career after his brother Ken got him a job as a stuntman at First National Studios in 1927. Kermit's rugged good looks and athletic ability led to him soon being cast in a series of his own by Ambassador Pictures, in which he played a heroic sergeant in the Northwest Mounted Police (the name of his character changed from film to film). The series ended in 1937, after which he found regular work as a villain in scores of "B" Westerns, and eventually guest parts on TV shows such asWagon Train and Gunsmoke.PLUS: The Silver Trail (BW, 1937): Vagabond cowboy Bob Crandall gets word that his old partner, Larry Moore, has struck it rich. Riding into town, he is met with blank stares when he inquires about his old friend's whereabouts. When an attempt is made on his life, Bob begins to suspect that Larry was killed by claim jumpers. With only his faithful dog Rin Tin TIn at his side, he sets out to bring the murderers to justice.The Silver Trail's star, Rex Lease, appeared
Title: Trails of the Wild (1935) / Silver Trail (1937)
Genre: Westerns
Starring: Kermit Maynard, Rex Lease
Directors: Sam Newfield, Raymond Samuels
Studio: Alpha Video
Release Date: 8/4/2015
Original Year: 1935
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 089218768094
Item #: 1524368X

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