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Trouble at Melody Mesa / Lightning Bill DVD
Trouble at Melody Mesa /  Lightning Bill

Trouble at Melody Mesa / Lightning Bill

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Westerns made up 25 percent of the films produced during Hollywood's Golden Age. With the studios releasing several a month, it was inevitable that not all of them would reach the high standards set by directors like John Ford and Raoul Walsh. In fact, the Western was most commonly a 'B' picture, a movie that was shown after the main, higher-budgeted attraction. What these films lacked in sophistication they more than made up for in thrills and excitement that kept many a moviegoer glued to their seat.&Trouble Melody Mesa (1949) Young Jimmy Shrum's father, owner of the Melody Mesa Ranch, dies under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Jimmy's greedy Uncle Mark plots to take over the ranch. Jimmy will need the help of the heroic Marshal Brad to save the ranch and solve the mystery of his father's death. Trouble at Melody Mesa was released by the obscure Poverty Row studio Three Crown Productions. Three Crown only released one other film, Swing, Cowboy, Swing (1946). Trouble at Melody Mesaitself was filmed in 1944, but went unreleased until 1949. The most recognizable member of the cast is I. Stanford Jolley, who plays Uncle Mark. Jolley spent most of his career playing supporting parts in B-westerns like Outlaws of Boulder Pass (1942) andSon of Billy the Kid (1952) and movie serials such as The Crimson Ghost (1946) and King of the Rocketmen (1949). Starring Brad King, I. Stanford Jolley and Lorraine Miller. Directed By W. Merle Connell.Lightning Bill (1934) The villainous Landis suspects that there is treasure hidden on the Ross Ranch. He fabricates gambling debts to get the ranch's pretty owner Sally evicted. Heroic cowhand Bill steps in to fend off Landis and romance Sally at the same time. Lightning Bill shows how qu
Title: Trouble at Melody Mesa / Lightning Bill
Genre: Westerns
Starring: Buffalo Bill Jr., Alma Rayford, Nelson McDowell, Bud Osborne, Bill McCall, Allen Holbrook, George Hazel, Mrs. [Eva] McKenzie, Jack Ward, Lafe McKee
Director: Victor Adamson
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 9/30/2014
Original Year: 1934
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218748898
Item #: 1376107X

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