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The Universe: The Complete Season Four DVD
The Universe: The Complete Season Four

The Universe: The Complete Season Four

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The Universe Season 4 DVD takes you across space and time as the cosmos erupts in the Universe videos. Learn about the earth's reliance on the moon and the dangers of space plummeting through our atmosphere. The Universe DVDs of season four show the realm of extra solar planets, the space wars and so much more!In The Universe Season 4 DVD complete set journey back to the beginning of history on a mind-blowing adventure through space and time.Using stunning HD graphics, The Universereturns in season four to transport viewers past the wonders of our own solar system and out to the bizarre far-flung reaches of the cosmos. The Universe DVD complete season 4 set takes you from death stars to ringed planets, star clusters to space wars,and uses new discoveries and more advanced CGI to help explain the mysteries of outer space. From wormholes to transporters, examine which elements from popular sci-fi movies could really exist; and discover how the universe is awash in all sorts of strange liquids, from oceans of methane to blobs of alcohol floating in space, and even iron rain. The Universe Videos of season four have you watching and marveling as experts cook up ten ways to destroy the Earth, including blowing it up with anti-matter, hurling it into the Sun, and colliding with another galaxy.Buy The Universe Complete Season 4 DVD, and examine the Galaxy in all its wonders.This special edition 4-DVD set features all 12 episodes from SEASON FOUR plus additional never-aired segments.DISC 1: Death Stars / The Day the Moon was Gone / It Fell From Space / Biggest BlastsDEATH STARS: Explore the threats to Earth from supernovas, gamma ray bursts, and stars that collide.
Title: The Universe: The Complete Season Four
Genre: Special Interest-Space, Box Sets
Starring: The Universe, Universe
Studio: A&E Home Video
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 2/23/2010
Original Year: 2009
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 733961209303
Item #: ANE209300

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