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The Very Best of the Honeymooners DVD
The Very Best of the Honeymooners

The Very Best of the Honeymooners

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This mid-priced DVD is a bit misleading. Although it is never stated explicitly, the disc is comprised of three documentary programs about the show -- albeit with extensive clips -- rather than complete installments of The Honeymooners, with one completeshow rounding out the disc. As it happens, this may be the best way to watch this particular body of episodes; rather than the "classic 39" filmed shows that have delighted audiences for nearly a half-century, MPI Home Video has the rights to the "rediscovered" live Honeymooners programs, preserved on kinescopes that turned up in Jackie Gleason's possession in the 1980s. The pacing isn't as careful or the direction as meticulous as components of the filmed shows, and so it is, in many instances, more entertaining to watch the distillation of the shows rather than the complete programs. Additionally, the producers have included clips of Gleason at work outside the boundaries of The Honeymooners sketches, offering glimpses of him in various roles (includingThe Poor Soul and Reginald Van Gleason III) as well as in his capacity as host of his different television variety shows. It's a little eerie to watch him age a half-dozen years and gain and lose what seems to be as much as 40 pounds from clip-to-clip. The first two documentaries, "The Honeymooners Funniest Moments Volumes 1 and Volume 2," love to dwell on the ad libs, flubbed lines, and miscues on the set. The ad libs include Gleason's spontaneous impersonations of Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Durante, PeterLorre, and Charles Boyer, as he tries to fill time around a delay backstage. One further problem with all three of the Honeymooners chronicles being assembled together is that the producers have used several of the same clips, sometimes to make identical
Title: The Very Best of the Honeymooners
Genre: TV Comedy
Starring: Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph, Jack Lescoulie, Art Carney, Jackie Gleason
Director: Frank Satenstein
Studio: Mpi Home Video
Release Date: 11/7/2000
Original Year: 2000
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 030306608921
Item #: MPI060890

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