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War in the Pacific 1 DVD
War in the Pacific 1

War in the Pacific 1

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It was the biggest, bloodiest, most expensive military conflict in history. It ended as it began, with a shocking rain of fire from the sky. Millitary deaths exceeded 2,000,000; civilian casualties were more than five times higher. Though similar numberswere being simultaneously racked up in Europe, the Pacific War was in many ways much more complicated and difficult, as its theater of engagement encompassed over 100,000 square miles of open sea dotted with hundreds of contested islands. After early Japenese victories that rivaled the German's "blitzkrieg" in their scope, the Allies thundered back with an overwhelming response fueled by the full force of America's massive industrial might.Using footage from both sides of the conflict, Volume 1 ofWar in the Pacific (aka Crusade in the Pacific) traces the geo-political and economic roots of the war with Japan, documenting the early Japanese triumphs and the initial Allied efforts to reclaim territory taken by the military forces of the "Rising Sun" at the beginning of the war.Narrated by Westbrook Van VoorhisIncludes the following segments: The Pacific in Eruption Awakening in the Pacific The Rise of the Japanese Empire America Goes to War in the Pacific The U.S. and the Philippines The Navy Holds - 1942 Guadalcanal: America's First Offensive War in the North: The Aleutians Attack in the Central Pacific: Makin and Tarawa The War at Sea The Road Back: New Guinea Up the Solomons Ladder: Bouganville
Title: War in the Pacific 1
Genre: Special Interest-War
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 10/30/2007
Original Year: 1951
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218544094
Item #: ALP854409

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