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White Crane Qi Gong DVD
White Crane Qi Gong

White Crane Qi Gong

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An incredible learning experience, an unbeatable value, White Crane Qi Gong is a two DVD set packed with over 160 minutes of instruction to help you learn the art thoroughly. This complete White Crane Qigong set contains one disc with individual movement breakdowns so you can easily follow and learn and a second disc with an actual instructional workshop, so you can follow and learn just as if you are there! Created by Master Shao Zhao Ming with his knowledge in traditional Chinese Medicine, White Crane Qi Gong is beautiful to perform and very beneficial to health at the same time. White Crane Qi Gong is especially beneficial to the function of the lungs. It is especially designed for people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, hay fever, smokers and other problems associated with the lungs. This Qi Gong exercise may help to increase the capacity of the lungs and reduce chest pains. When practiced regularly, one may feel a great sensation of the Qi (energy). Learn from the best, Master Shao's precise execution of movements and postures will ensure you learn accurately and gain the maximum health benefits. Master Shao began training in Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu-Kung Fu) at the early age of five. By the age of six, he was selected and trained under the guidance of Chinas renowned Grand Master Zhang Tong & Grand Master Ma Xian Da. Master Shao was the National Open Champion of China in 1989 & 1990. Due to his achievements and knowledge, he was appointed Coach of China's prestigious Beijing University of Physical Education Tai Chi and Wushu team. Dedication to his studies and training has resulted in his attainment of Wu Ying (the highest level of Wushu-Kung Fu) awarded by the Sports Commission of China. He currently holds 7th Dan for Kung Fu-Wushu and is the Australian National Wushu/Tai Chi Team Coach, with many of his students becoming national and international champions. He is the only person from China having these qualifications combining the Martial & Healing arts. Master Shao has a clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Melbourne and is the founder of Tai Chi Wushu Institute of Australia. Ina having these qualifications combining the Martial & Healing arts.
Title: White Crane Qi Gong
Genre: Health & Fitness-Tai-Chi
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 8/28/2012
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 874482003190
Item #: 295806X

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