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William Castle Horror Collection DVD
William Castle Horror Collection

William Castle Horror Collection

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Two-disc set includes:

13 Ghosts (1960)

William Castle's campy horror gem follows the stone-broke Zorba family to the huge mansion they’ve inherited from their occult practitioner uncle, Dr. Plato Zorba. Once there, the Zorbas find their new digs come complete with a spooky housekeeper (Margaret Hamilton), a missing treasure, and 12 spiteful spooks...just waiting for victim number 13! Originally filmed in "Illusion-O," no glasses are needed to see the ghosts here! Charles Herbert, Jo Morrow, Martin Milner, Donald Woods, Rosemary DeCamp co-star. 84 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Mr. Sardonicus (1961)

William Castle's shudder-inducing chiller tells of a greedy 19th-century baron whose face froze in a grotesque grimace after he defiled his father's grave to retrieve a winning lottery ticket. After trying a number of methods to rid his face of the sinister smile, he coerces his wife's former lover--a neurosurgeon--into helping. Castle's "Punishment Poll" gimmick of thumbs up/thumbs down cards put Sardonicus' fate in the audience's hands. Guy Rolfe, Audrey Dalton, Ronald Lewis, and Oscar Homolka star. 89 min. BW/Rtg: NR

Homicidal (1961)

Offering his own unique spin on "Psycho," gimmick king William Castle added a "Fear Break" before the climax of this wild horror ride. A mysterious woman pays a hotel bellhop to marry her, then murders the justice of the peace. She flees to a sinister mansion where she begins a deadly campaign against the residents in order to gain a family inheritance. Lurid, gender-bending shocker stars Jean Arless (aka actress Joan Marshall), Glenn Corbett, and Patricia Breslin. 87 min. BW/Rtg: NR

The Old Dark House (1963)

In William Castle's spin on the J.B. Priestley novel, Tom Penderel (Tom Poston), an American car salesman living in England, gets a strange invitation to spend the weekend at the spooky old Femm Estate. When the members of the eccentric Femm family start getting picked off one by one, Tom must find the killer and stop him before he winds up next on the hit list. Robert Morley, Janette Scott co-star in this comic horror tale. 86 min. C/Rtg: NR

13 Frightened Girls (1963)

Directed by William Castle, this winning thriller follows 13 female students at a Swiss boarding school as they stir up trouble for their diplomat parents while vacationing. After a Russian spy is found murdered, the girls find themselves in a heap of trouble that could have international implications. Kathy Dunn, Murray Hamilton, Joyce Taylor, and Hugh Marlowe star. 89 min. C/Rtg: NR

Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.

Title: William Castle Horror Collection
Genre: Horror
Director: William Castle
Studio: Mill Creek
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 8/18/2015
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 683904540430
Item #: 1506305X

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