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World's Famous Detectives 3 DVD
World's Famous Detectives 3

World's Famous Detectives 3

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Spawned from the comic strip sketched by Chester Gould, Dick Tracy first became a radio program in 1935, moving on two years later to become a movie serial. Both Ralph Byrd and Morgan Conway got to play Dick Tracy. Joe Devlin played Sam Catchem, Tracy's colleague; and Angela Greene played Tess Trueheart, the detective's wife. In 1990, Dick Tracy was made into a film featuring Warren Beatty and Madonna.DICK TRACY'S DILEMMA (aka Mark of the Claw)Originally a comic strip character created by ChesterGould, Dick Tracy became a series starring Ralph Byrd as the heroic private eye. In this installment, Flawless Furs is robbed of several furs, which must be recovered in a period of twenty-four hours or the Honesty Insurance Company will be held liable. Dick Tracy is hired to track down the missing furs and uncover the perpetrator of the theft, but when the detective's informant is discovered viciously slain, Tracy realizes that there is more to the story than stolen furs. With the help of Vitamin Flintheart (Ian Keith), a master veteran of theatrics, and Tracy's faithful assistant Pat Patton (Lyle Latell), he follows the trail of clues to an abandoned junkyard and an ill-fated battle with odious villain, The Claw (Jack Lambert).DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOMEBoris Karloff, best known as Frankenstein's monster, co-stars with front man Ralph Byrd (Dick Tracy) in this tale about an audacious bank robbery perpetrated by a fugitive prisoner (Karloff). The gang of robbers uses a special gas that has theeffect of freezing the bank's patrons in time while the villains get in and out. In this manner, the thieves are able to make their getaway with the loot undetected. But unbeknownst to the crooks, Tess Trueheart (Anne Gwynne) escapes the gas and makes a c
Title: World's Famous Detectives 3
Genre: TV Crime
Starring: Ralph Byrd, Dick Wessel, Boris Karloff
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 4/30/2002
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 096009068592
Item #: MTI006859

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